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Do Sailboats Need Boat Insurance?

Owning a boat comes with certain risks. The risks are different for motorboats and non-motor-powered boats. A sailboat is a big investment, however. Knowing which insurance coverage will protect your sailboat from loss is important. If you would like boat insurance, you can count on Texas Classic Insurance to provide you with the right options. We’re proud to serve the residents in and around the Granbury, TX area.

Boat Insurance Protection 

Sailboat owners can choose to invest in a good insurance policy to protect them from various risks. However, sailboats may not be required to have insurance according to various local and state laws. Before you set out on the water, be sure to check with your local agencies to find out if you’re required to have insurance coverage.

If you own a sailboat and are unsure what level of insurance protection you need, please contact our knowledgeable insurance agents. They can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We can also consult with each client to determine which insurance options would protect their budget most. In addition to assisting with insurance selection, we can also submit documentation to help get coverage faster. If there’s a claim during the policy’s lifetime, we will also assist with that process. It’s all a part of our philosophy to provide customers with exceptional service.

Find Out More 

If you would like to learn more about boat insurance or any other insurance products we offer at Texas Classic Insurance, we encourage you to contact us. Please call or stop by our location that serves the residents in and around the Granbury, TX area. We look forward to offering you peace of mind with quality insurance products.

Four things not to do when you need boat insurance

Boat owners need to understand how important their boat insurance coverage purchase decision is. We can help you make the right decision about buying boat insurance in Granbury, TX. Get in touch with us at Texas Classic Insurance to learn more about your insurance options.

When you choose a boat insurance policy, you need to avoid mistakes that could end up costing you a lot of money.

The following are four things not to do when you need boat insurance:

Procrastinating about buying boat insurance

Buy boat insurance right away before you take your boat out and use it. Boat insurance protects the investment you make in your boat.

Boat insurance also protects you from severe financial consequences if you are held liable for accident damages resulting from a boating collision. 

Purchasing an actual cash value policy

An agreed value policy guarantees you that you’ll get a certain amount back if your boat is destroyed in an accident.

If you choose an actual cash value policy, you may get much less than your boat is worth in the event of a total loss because your boat has depreciated significantly in value. 

Assuming you’re covered through your home insurance

Although home insurance may offer limited coverage for your boat, this coverage is generally not adequate to protect you if you get involved in an expensive accident.

You need to purchase a separate boat insurance policy if you want an adequate amount of financial protection. 

Buying a boat insurance policy on impulse

Put thought and research into your boat insurance policy choice. Make sure that you understand what you’re getting and that you compare quotes from multiple providers.  

Call us to get a policy quote

You need to do your research before you buy boat insurance. At Texas Classic Insurance, we’ll be happy to assist you with finding coverage for your boat in Granbury, TX.

What is the value of having a boat insurance plan in Texas?

The summer months in the Granbury, TX area can be long and hot. Due to this, having a way to enjoy the sun and also stay cool is important. One way you can have fun and enjoy your summer is by getting a boat. If you are going to purchase a boat, you also need to select a boat insurance plan.

This type of insurance provides various forms of value:

Cover Your Boat

Your boat is a valuable asset that you will want to be able to enjoy for as long as possible. The investment in a quality boat insurance plan is a good way to ensure this happens. With a boat insurance policy, you will get the coverage needed to repair or replace your boat if you experience a loss due to theft or damage to the boat. 

Reduce Risk of Liability

Boat operators in the state of Texas should always do their best to be careful. However, even a cautious and experienced boat driver will run the risk that they could result in a collision or other accident. If this happens, they will need to cover any damage that they cause. With boat insurance, you will receive liability coverage that can mitigate this risk and cover the costs of any damages. 

Give Us A Call

If you do live in the Granbury, TX area, you can find that owning a boat is a great option and a way to have fun during the warm months of the year. When you start looking for insurance here, you can call Texas Classic Insurance. Picking the right insurance plan for your boat is important and Texas Classic Insurance can help. The team will spend time assessing your situation to ensure you are aware of your needs and options, so you can select an ideal plan. 

Boat Insurance FAQs

Whether purchasing a new or second-hand boat, you should talk to Texas Classic Insurance and get advice on why you need insurance coverage. Buying boat insurance is the surest way of guaranteeing your safety and that of your boat while in the waters. 

But before purchasing boat insurance in Granbury, TX, you might have some questions. Luckily, we have assembled a FAQs section to answer queries that you might have.

Is boat insurance mandatory?

In Texas, no law requires boaters to purchase watercraft insurance. However, if a federal-registered lender has financed your boat purchase, they may require you to buy boat insurance. 

What are the different boat insurance coverages?

When shopping for boat insurance in Texas, you are likely to bump into the below coverages:

  • Liability coverage: In the unfortunate case you cause an accident that causes damage or loss to other people’s valuables, boat insurance covers the resulting bodily injury and property damage. The costs may be high, but with the help of boat insurance, they become easy on your pocket.
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage: In cases where an uninsured boater hits your boat, your boat insurance meets the uncovered repair costs.
  • Physical damage coverages: Boat insurance pays for the repairs or replacement of your boat if it sustains physical damage from a covered peril. For instance, if a fire destroys your boat, your insurer pays for the damages up to the coverage limit. 
  • Medical payments coverage: This policy covers medical expenses for you and your passengers following a boating accident.

What impacts boat insurance rates?

Boat insurance coverages differ depending on various variables. Here are some factors that affect boat insurance rates. 

  • The value: The more valuable your boat is, the more insurance premium you will pay.
  • Type of boat: Ski boats, bass boats, cabin cruisers, deep-waters fishing boats, pontoon boats, etc., have different insurance needs and varying rates.
  • Horsepower/speed: High-performance boats have higher risks and hence would cost more to insure.
  • Cruising area: Different cruising areas carry different risks, and this has an impact on insurance rates
  • Boating history: If you had a boat accident before, you might pay a higher insurance premium.

Where can I get boat insurance in Granbury, TX?

Your boat means the world to you. For this reason, you should insure it today! That said, reach out to Texas Classic Insurance and get your boat insurance today.

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