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Flood Insurance in Texas

If you are a homeowner living in Texas, you cannot overlook the importance of obtaining flood insurance. Texas Classic Insurance can provide you with the protection you need. Many residents throughout Houston trust us to provide them with the best possible coverage. Read on to find out why having flood insurance is so important in Texas.

Prone To Flooding

The most obvious reason why you must have flood insurance is that Texas is one state that is prone to related weather conditions. There are flood zones throughout the state and if you live in one of them, insurance coverage is often a requirement, If you purchase a home using a loan, the lender will likely require you to obtain flood insurance.

Even if you live outside of the designated zones, have the proper insurance coverage is still desirable. Many areas throughout the state that were not designated zones experienced flooding anyway. Since most of Texas's largest cities are high-risk flood zones, failure to obtain insurance can have disastrous consequences for many residents.

Homeowners Policy Isn't Sufficient

The typical homeowner's policy does not protect you against flooding. It won't give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered in the event your home suffers severe damage. Repairs and replacements that are made possible with flood insurance would be much more complicated with only homeowners' insurance.

Covers Owned And Rented Homes

Some people are under the false impression that flood insurance is only for those who own their own homes. The truth is that it is just as beneficial to have it even if you are renting the house or apartment you live in. The person you are renting it from won't help you with repairs in the event of a flood, nor will they replace any belongings that become damaged or completely destroyed.

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To obtain flood insurance for your home, be sure to make an appointment with Texas Classic Insurance. We will answer your questions and help you choose the right plan.

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