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Is Commercial Insurance Optional or Required?

If you’re going to be launching a new business soon, then chances are you’re getting everything in order. From perfecting the product or service you’re going to be offering to marketing and everything in between, you undoubtedly have a lot to do. One thing that you need to think about is insuring your new business. Serving the greater Granbury, TX community, Texas Classic Insurance is here to assist. 

Here are some important aspects of commercial insurance that you need to consider:

Is Commercial Insurance Required in Texas?

While commercial insurance may be required in some states, it’s not required in the state of Texas. To clarify, as long as your business doesn’t own any vehicles, general liability insurance is not a requirement by the state. However, if you have business vehicles, it is required that you cover them under commercial insurance. 

There Are Benefits to Investing in General Liability Insurance Coverage

Starting a new business can be very costly, and you might believe that general liability insurance coverage is an expense that you can’t afford. However, it’s an expense that you should incorporate into your budget because of its ability to save you money in certain situations. Running an uninsured business is leaving your business vulnerable to liability, as you never know when someone might sue due to injuries sustained on your property.

There are other possible reasons that someone might wish to bring litigation against your company, and without adequate general liability coverage, such an event could easily put a newly established company out of business. Therefore, you should realize that general liability insurance coverage is a necessity even if it isn’t required by the state. 

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As you can see, general liability insurance isn’t a requirement in the state of Texas, but if your business is located in or near Granbury, TX and you’d like to start a new policy, contact us at Texas Classic Insurance. We have many years serving customers’ needs for all types of insurance, and we’re available to serve you as well. 

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