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Is Your e-Bike Actually Considered a Motorcycle?

When you buy an e-bike, you can get some models that are pretty big and powerful. You might be tempted to make sure that they aren’t actually classified as motorcycles in Granbury, TX. At Texas Classic Insurance, we stay on top of questions like this, and our answer is both simple and complex.

When is an Electric Two-Wheeler a Motorcycle in Texas, and Not?

The simple answer is if it has a less than 750w motor, it’s an e-bike and doesn’t require motorcycle insurance, registration, or licensing. Beyond that, there are several levels of e-bike classification, from basic models with a pedal-assist-only motor and a top end of 20 mph to power-only motors that stop at 20 mph and pedal-assist models that stop assisting at 28 mph. These are classes 1, 2, and 3, but for insurance purposes, all e-bikes and not motorcycles. Just because they’re not covered by state laws like a motorcycle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about insurance, though. If you have or cause an accident or incur some other kind of liability, having the right insurance of other kinds can help cover these and other mobility concerns.

Electric Motorcycles Do Need Appropriate Insurance

If you have an electric Harley or other full-size motorcycle in Granbury, TX, you’ll still need insurance as you would with a gas-powered model. Even though they don’t have the same roar or other classic motorcycle sound, their power and size qualify them as a means of transportation that you should talk with Texas Classic Insurance about.

We’ll help you insure them, and if you also have an e-bike, we can talk about umbrella insurance and other coverage that can help with liability, loss, and damage to these convenient rides that can cost thousands of dollars.

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