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Four flood insurance rules to follow

Flood insurance is a necessity for property owners in Granbury, TX. Let us meet your flood insurance needs at Texas Classic Insurance.

Homeowners need to follow a few key rules when they cover their homes for flood damage.

Here are four flood insurance rules to follow:

Understand any waiting period requirements

Flood insurance policies usually have waiting periods. You’ll probably have to wait a certain period of time after you purchase your policy before your coverage goes into effect.

It’s important to know what the applicable waiting period is when you buy a policy so that you fully understand the coverage you’re purchasing. 

Make a detailed inventory of personal belongings on your property

Having an inventory of belongings in your home is important if you ever need to file a claim after extensive damage. Flood insurance includes personal belonging coverage that can compensate you for lost possessions that are destroyed by flood damage. 

When you have a detailed inventory of personal belongings available, you are better able to determine how much personal belonging coverage you need your policy to include. 

Be aware of the flood risk in your area

Knowing how much flood risk you have in your area can help determine how much you should invest in flood insurance coverage. 

Get covered for additional living expenses

If there is a flood in your area, you may not be able to live in your home before extensive repairs are carried out. In this situation, it’s essential for your flood insurance to include coverage for additional living expenses so that you can stay in a hotel or find alternative lodging somewhere. 

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We’re here to answer any questions you have about flood insurance in Granbury, TX. Call us at Texas Classic Insurance to get a quote on a flood insurance policy. 

Should I Wait Until My Home Has Flood Damage to Get Flood Insurance?

At Texas Classic Insurance, we have seen plenty of homeowners who wait until they see the effects of flood damage to get a flood insurance policy in the Granbury, TX region. Unfortunately, as these homeowners discover the hard way, waiting until you need insurance can be the worst strategy for choosing the right insurance policy for you. If you want to know the right time to get flood insurance, we’ve got you covered.

What is flood insurance?

As the name implies, flood insurance is a type of insurance that specifically covers damage, repairs, and losses related to flooding from natural disasters. It can cover items inside the home such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other appliances. It can also cover costly repairs and maintenance related to flood damage such as the removal of debris and electrical repairs.

Additionally, policies of flood insurance can also sometimes cover personal items that are lost or damaged as a result of flooding. Since every policy is different, it is important to check with your flood insurance provider to see what the specific details of your policy include.

When should I get flood insurance?

Although it might be tempting to wait until flooding actually happens to get flood insurance, we always tell our clients that the best time to get an insurance policy was yesterday (or when you bought a home). If you wait until you see damage from flooding, your policy will not cover that retroactively in most cases. Additionally, you’ll have to spend time waiting for the insurance coverage to kick in. This can mean spending your own time, energy, and resources on repairs while waiting for insurance coverage.

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We are here to assist with your flood insurance coverage options. Give us a call at Texas Classic Insurance in Granbury, TX today!


What Does the Flood Insurance Claims Process Look Like?

As the most common natural disaster in Texas, flooding has put all parts of the state, including cities like Granbury, TX, at risk. But, thankfully, we at Texas Classic Insurance offer the financial protection you need when such a disaster occurs.

Let’s say you already have flood insurance coverage with Texas Classic Insurance. Your house gets flooded, and the flooding causes a great deal of damage to several areas of your property, including the wiring, the septic system, and some of your furniture. What will you do?

Besides reducing the water flow as much as possible and curbing as much damage as you can, you’ll have to file a flood insurance claim. Although dealing with flooding can be very stressful and devastating, your insurance company will know what to do once you get in touch with them.

Here’s how to file to flood insurance claim:

  1. Contact your insurer–in this case, Texas Classic Insurance–and report your loss. You can expect your adjuster to get in touch with you between 24 and 48 hours after reporting your claim. Be prepared to provide information such as the name of your insurance company, your phone number, your policy number, and the name of your mortgage company (if applicable).
  2. Get ready for the inspection. After making sure that re-entering the building is safe enough, take videos and photos of the damaged property. This will count as evidence, which your adjuster will need in order to come up with your repair estimate.
  3. Work with your adjuster. When they arrive, they should present their ID to you, including their driver’s license and company ID or FCN card. Your adjuster should discuss the NFIP flood claims process, what an advance payment payment is and how you can obtain one, your policy coverage, a rundown of the claims process, and more.
  4. Document your damage. Your adjuster will help you with this part as well. They’ll also work with you to prepare and submit your repair estimate. If everything is done correctly, you can expect to receive a flood payment that corresponds to your flood loss.

Contact Us Today

If you live in the Granbury, TX area and want to protect your home from flood loss, Texas Classic Insurance, which provides a wide range of insurance services, is the way to go. For a free consultation, contact us at 817-279-7200 and you’ll be able to speak with one of our experts.

Flood Insurance vs. House Insurance: Do I Really Need Both?

House insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can carry. The state of Texas is no exception. While there is no mandatory requirement for house insurance, most mortgage companies and banks require it in order to finance your housing loan. 

House insurance normally covers the following types of problems:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Vandalism or Theft
  • Structural damage due to no fault of your own
  • Other "Acts of Nature"

So the question we often get at Texas Classic Insurance is, "If I have house insurance, why do I need flood insurance?" 

The answer is that, while house insurance does cover a certain amount for flood damage, it may not be enough to pay for the massive damage a major flood can bring. Floods can create such high degrees of damage that the entire home can be compromised or left unsafe to live in.

When this happens, you will be paying for the rest of the damage with your own pocket. 

What to Do?

To avoid serious financial setbacks from a flood, visit with the insurance experts at Texas Classic Insurance. Serving Granbury TX and the surrounding area, they have years of experience estimating both the potential damage and the resulting expenses from a flood.

They can visit with you and show you how much flood insurance you need to cover all of the potential loss so that you won’t have to take it out of your savings!

General vs. Specific

In conclusion, you should think of house insurance as a general overall type of protection that covers a wide variety of issues that can happen to your home, causing damage. But the limits are often not as much as to flood insurance, which focuses on offering insurance to protect you from flood damage, which is much more narrow in scope and offers more flood protection.

In either case, you need to talk to experts to decide which is right for your home. If you live in a flood plain (as 12% of Texans do), you may need both. If not, you’ll be that much safer if you carry flood insurance in addition to your home insurance plan.

Visit with Texas Classic Insurance today, serving the Granbury, TX area and keeping Texas safe from loss due to floods. 

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