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Umbrella Insurance in Texas

If yours is like most families, you have a wide range of interests and activities, some of which can expose you to liability. For instance, do you coach a kid's soccer or gymnastics team? Do you sell items at garage sales or craft fairs? Do you volunteer at your church or your local food pantry? Maybe you and your family enjoy extreme sports like snow skiing, motocross racing, or even hunting and fishing. Few of these activities are covered under your homeowners or renter's insurance policy. That's where an umbrella policy can be useful.

What is umbrella insurance?

As the name implies, an umbrella covers several situations, including the ones we mentioned above. This type of insurance protects your family from financial loss should you be sued for something that happens outside of your regular address or while working somewhere other than your main job. Things happen. What if someone trips on your display at a craft fair or is injured while you are driving for the church? What if you run into someone and injure them inadvertently on the ski slopes? These are the types of lawsuits that your umbrella insurance policy will provide funds to defend and/or settle. Umbrella insurance also offers funds to protect you against libel, slander, and invasion of privacy. For us, the big advantage with an umbrella insurance policy is that you just need one policy to cover your family in all of these situations...and more. You don't need to buy a separate policy for each of your outside activities.

Protecting your family with Texas Classic Insurance

To learn more about how your Texas family can protect themselves from liability with an umbrella insurance policy, contact Texas Classic Insurance. We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are committed to helping Texas families like yours with all their insurance needs.

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