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Insurance Protection for Your Retail Space

Research insurance products that will protect your retail business. Once you have reviewed and selected some insurance types that are of interest, contact one of our Texas Classic Insurance agents for further guidance.

Business Type

The type of retail business that you own and operate will influence the insurance coverage you need. For instance, if you are selling products that contain chemicals, you may need to acquire more liability protection.

Assess the goods and services that you sell. Use the details from your analysis when comparing insurance products.

Liability Coverage

Liability protection provides relief to business owners who are sued. A slip and fall within your retail space or another type of accident could lead to you being involved in a lawsuit.

One way to determine the risk of being sued is by inspecting your retail establishment. The inspector who assesses your commercial business will reveal any concerns.

The inspection’s findings can help you when it is time to purchase commercial insurance for your place of business.

Loss Of Goods and Services

Commercial coverage that protects against the loss of goods and services will pay for any expenses directly resulting from theft or vandalism. This type of coverage will reduce out-of-pocket costs in the event of a criminal act.

Contact Texas Classic Insurance

It is vital to protect your retail establishment for as long as you own it. An agent who serves the Granbury, TX, region can help you choose coverage types that will provide you with the optimal amount of protection and describe the claims process.

An Inspection of Your Home’s Structural Materials

The Importance of Home Inspection

The condition of your home’s structural materials is a critical aspect that determines its current status. A thorough inspection of these subject matters could impact the amount of home insurance you plan to invest in. Below are the steps to perform an inspection of the structural materials.

The Preliminary Steps

When planning an inspection with an insurance representative, the property owner should make proper preparations for the visit. This can include rinsing off the home’s exterior and removing any loose items around the property. These steps ensure that the representative can move around freely and assess the home’s materials without obstructions.

Materials Subject to Inspection

Structural materials include any materials used in constructing a house’s frame, walls, floors, and ceilings. When an insurance representative commences an inspection, the materials they assess typically include the following:

  • Wood
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Natural stone

How the Assessment Proceeds

As part of the assessment, the representative will survey the residential property, taking notes about their findings. These may include details about the size of the home, construction materials used, and any distinct design features. Any issues identified during the inspection—such as damaged structural materials or potential risks—will be recorded. Upon completion of the assessment, a consultation will help divulge the results of the inspection to the property owner. It is advisable that the owner consider repairs or replacements for any damaged structural materials.

Contact Texas Classic Insurance

To learn more about residential inspections and insurance products, contact an agent representing Texas Classic Insurance. Our agents serving Granbury, TX, are available to assist with your inquiries.

Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Your Needs

Choosing Quality Health Insurance in Granbury, TX

Are you on the lookout for a valuable health insurance policy? If you live in or around Granbury, TX, then the experienced agents at Texas Classic Insurance are here to guide you toward the best possible coverage for your unique needs. A robust health insurance plan is fundamental for your well-being, and you’d want the best mix of security and value.

Bespoke Insurance for All Professionals

A significant percentage of individuals obtain health insurance via their workplaces. However, that’s not a luxury everyone can afford. Whether you’re a retiree, freelance professional, gig worker, or an independent contractor without corporate health coverage, we can provide tailored quotes to help you settle on an optimal policy.

Customized Solutions from Various Insurers

Our savvy insurance agents can display various quotes and policy options from several insurers who provide diverse health coverage. We’ll gladly answer all your inquiries and doubts. Nobody is the same; thus, your health coverage requirements might significantly differ from that of others. That’s where the expertise of an insurance agent becomes indispensable. You wouldn’t want to miss crucial protective measures needed for specific health conditions or future considerations.

Trust Your Health Coverage with Texas Classic Insurance

Never gamble on your health coverage. Instead, allow us to guide you toward the most suitable protection plan for all your healthcare demands. Insurance policies can vary widely, and many insurers offer several tiers of coverage to choose from. Whether you need expansive coverage due to medical conditions or a more moderate plan, we’ve got you covered. The key to making the right choice lies in being as informed as you possibly can be about every option.

So, if you’re contemplating a reliable health insurance policy in the Granbury, TX area, contact us at Texas Classic Insurance today. We aim to instill a deep sense of confidence in the policy you opt for, and we are eager to facilitate that process.

Is Your e-Bike Actually Considered a Motorcycle?

When you buy an e-bike, you can get some models that are pretty big and powerful. You might be tempted to make sure that they aren’t actually classified as motorcycles in Granbury, TX. At Texas Classic Insurance, we stay on top of questions like this, and our answer is both simple and complex.

When is an Electric Two-Wheeler a Motorcycle in Texas, and Not?

The simple answer is if it has a less than 750w motor, it’s an e-bike and doesn’t require motorcycle insurance, registration, or licensing. Beyond that, there are several levels of e-bike classification, from basic models with a pedal-assist-only motor and a top end of 20 mph to power-only motors that stop at 20 mph and pedal-assist models that stop assisting at 28 mph. These are classes 1, 2, and 3, but for insurance purposes, all e-bikes and not motorcycles. Just because they’re not covered by state laws like a motorcycle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about insurance, though. If you have or cause an accident or incur some other kind of liability, having the right insurance of other kinds can help cover these and other mobility concerns.

Electric Motorcycles Do Need Appropriate Insurance

If you have an electric Harley or other full-size motorcycle in Granbury, TX, you’ll still need insurance as you would with a gas-powered model. Even though they don’t have the same roar or other classic motorcycle sound, their power and size qualify them as a means of transportation that you should talk with Texas Classic Insurance about.

We’ll help you insure them, and if you also have an e-bike, we can talk about umbrella insurance and other coverage that can help with liability, loss, and damage to these convenient rides that can cost thousands of dollars.

Do Sailboats Need Boat Insurance?

Owning a boat comes with certain risks. The risks are different for motorboats and non-motor-powered boats. A sailboat is a big investment, however. Knowing which insurance coverage will protect your sailboat from loss is important. If you would like boat insurance, you can count on Texas Classic Insurance to provide you with the right options. We’re proud to serve the residents in and around the Granbury, TX area.

Boat Insurance Protection 

Sailboat owners can choose to invest in a good insurance policy to protect them from various risks. However, sailboats may not be required to have insurance according to various local and state laws. Before you set out on the water, be sure to check with your local agencies to find out if you’re required to have insurance coverage.

If you own a sailboat and are unsure what level of insurance protection you need, please contact our knowledgeable insurance agents. They can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We can also consult with each client to determine which insurance options would protect their budget most. In addition to assisting with insurance selection, we can also submit documentation to help get coverage faster. If there’s a claim during the policy’s lifetime, we will also assist with that process. It’s all a part of our philosophy to provide customers with exceptional service.

Find Out More 

If you would like to learn more about boat insurance or any other insurance products we offer at Texas Classic Insurance, we encourage you to contact us. Please call or stop by our location that serves the residents in and around the Granbury, TX area. We look forward to offering you peace of mind with quality insurance products.

Do Lawyers Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a lawyer, you need to work with Texas Classic Insurance to get the insurance that keeps your Granbury, TX operation safe. For example, it’s a smart idea to get umbrella policies that can protect you against serious loss if you get into a lawsuit. Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Lawyers Work a High-Liability Job 

Your commercial insurance should have a liability policy that protects you from various issues. For a lawyer, that typically amounts to lawsuits brought by clients who feel they weren’t properly represented. Most policies pay up to a reasonable amount of your legal fees and expenses. 

What happens, though, if you lose a lawsuit against yourself and your liability runs out? Well, that’s a situation you just don’t want to be in as a high-quality lawyer. Thankfully, an umbrella policy can cover the rest of your payments and ensure that you don’t get caught with a huge bill.

Why Umbrella Insurance is Smart

Umbrella insurance is an extra type of liability coverage that provides you with extra payment if your general policy gets maxed out. As you can imagine, that’s a major benefit for lawyers who might run into serious problems if they get sued due to losing a case or other issues. 

For example, let’s say you get sued for losing a case for a value well beyond what your liability covers. Without umbrella insurance, you’d pay the difference out of your pocket. However, umbrella insurance will pay the leftover liability (to a specific point) and ensure that you don’t pay yourself.

Contact Us Today

At Texas Classic Insurance, our team can provide Granbury, TX lawyers with the umbrella insurance that they need to stay safe. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in this policy type, and we’ll do what we can to ensure that you get paired with a great option

Four flood insurance rules to follow

Flood insurance is a necessity for property owners in Granbury, TX. Let us meet your flood insurance needs at Texas Classic Insurance.

Homeowners need to follow a few key rules when they cover their homes for flood damage.

Here are four flood insurance rules to follow:

Understand any waiting period requirements

Flood insurance policies usually have waiting periods. You’ll probably have to wait a certain period of time after you purchase your policy before your coverage goes into effect.

It’s important to know what the applicable waiting period is when you buy a policy so that you fully understand the coverage you’re purchasing. 

Make a detailed inventory of personal belongings on your property

Having an inventory of belongings in your home is important if you ever need to file a claim after extensive damage. Flood insurance includes personal belonging coverage that can compensate you for lost possessions that are destroyed by flood damage. 

When you have a detailed inventory of personal belongings available, you are better able to determine how much personal belonging coverage you need your policy to include. 

Be aware of the flood risk in your area

Knowing how much flood risk you have in your area can help determine how much you should invest in flood insurance coverage. 

Get covered for additional living expenses

If there is a flood in your area, you may not be able to live in your home before extensive repairs are carried out. In this situation, it’s essential for your flood insurance to include coverage for additional living expenses so that you can stay in a hotel or find alternative lodging somewhere. 

Reach Out To Us

We’re here to answer any questions you have about flood insurance in Granbury, TX. Call us at Texas Classic Insurance to get a quote on a flood insurance policy. 

What does renters insurance cover if I work from my apartment?

Those who rent and work from home need to know that their work-related tools and equipment are generally not covered by their personal renters insurance, though you have several options to gain that coverage. If you live in the Granbury, TX area, our team at Texas Classic Insurance will take the time to review your options and identify the renters coverage that works for you.

Renters Insurance and Working From Home

Working from home has many benefits, but it introduces property and liability insurance issues that depend on whether the work equipment you use is owned by your employer, a business you own, or personal assets occasionally used for business purposes.

Your personal renters’ policy does not cover laptops or other equipment your employer owns. Whether you are liable for damage or loss that occurs while the equipment is in your possession depends on your employer’s policies, an issue you should clarify with them.

Likewise, your renters’ policy covers personal property. It typically does not cover equipment your business owns, but you can often add a rider or endorsement to your policy that covers assets your business owns. Your renter’s policy should cover personal assets that see occasional use for business purposes.

Your personal renters’ policy also does not cover the liability for colleagues or customers injured at your residence. However, adding a business liability rider to your policy can fix that problem. 

As always, check with your agent to confirm whether and how your policy covers work-related equipment.

Working with Texas Classic Insurance

Texas Classic Insurance proudly serves the Granbury, TX area. We can help you obtain rental insurance that protects your personal and business assets, so call or stop in today to discuss your insurance needs.

Is Commercial Insurance Optional or Required?

If you’re going to be launching a new business soon, then chances are you’re getting everything in order. From perfecting the product or service you’re going to be offering to marketing and everything in between, you undoubtedly have a lot to do. One thing that you need to think about is insuring your new business. Serving the greater Granbury, TX community, Texas Classic Insurance is here to assist. 

Here are some important aspects of commercial insurance that you need to consider:

Is Commercial Insurance Required in Texas?

While commercial insurance may be required in some states, it’s not required in the state of Texas. To clarify, as long as your business doesn’t own any vehicles, general liability insurance is not a requirement by the state. However, if you have business vehicles, it is required that you cover them under commercial insurance. 

There Are Benefits to Investing in General Liability Insurance Coverage

Starting a new business can be very costly, and you might believe that general liability insurance coverage is an expense that you can’t afford. However, it’s an expense that you should incorporate into your budget because of its ability to save you money in certain situations. Running an uninsured business is leaving your business vulnerable to liability, as you never know when someone might sue due to injuries sustained on your property.

There are other possible reasons that someone might wish to bring litigation against your company, and without adequate general liability coverage, such an event could easily put a newly established company out of business. Therefore, you should realize that general liability insurance coverage is a necessity even if it isn’t required by the state. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

As you can see, general liability insurance isn’t a requirement in the state of Texas, but if your business is located in or near Granbury, TX and you’d like to start a new policy, contact us at Texas Classic Insurance. We have many years serving customers’ needs for all types of insurance, and we’re available to serve you as well. 

When is the best time to review your home insurance policy?

At Texas Classic Insurance in Granbury, TX, we put the interests of our customers first. As an independent insurance agency, we work for our customers, not for the insurance carrier. We communicate with our customers to help them to make the decisions about coverage that will provide them with the coverage they need. 

Reviewing your home insurance policy

When your personal worth rises

If your assets have increased since you got your home insurance policy, it may be time to look at how much liability coverage you have and consider getting more and maybe adding an umbrella policy. Judgments have risen over the years, likely at a faster rate than your coverage. 

When your policy renews

If you haven’t been reading your home insurance policy, you are doing yourself a disservice. By looking at the declaration page, you can quickly see your coverage and determine if it makes sense with what you know. Is your deductible correct? Do you have the amount of liability coverage you need? Should you extend your coverage with endorsements? 

Has your liability risen?

Have you gotten a dog? Added a pool or a trampoline? These add more liability to your life and having your home insurance keep pace is vital to your financial security. 

Have you made improvements to your home?

Have you added square footage to your home with an addition or by finishing your basement or attic? This can increase the value of your home significantly, and if you haven’t let your insurance company know, your policy may be lagging behind the actual value of your home. If you have added a security system, you may be eligible for a discount. Talk to your insurance agent. 

Contact Texas Classic Insurance in Granbury, TX to discuss your home insurance needs. Give our office a call or reach out through our website. 

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